magical day (6/6/12)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012 was a magical day, for these reasons:

  • It had a magical number: 6/6/12. 6+6=12. 12=12.
  • It was my nephew’s birthday. I was there 13 years ago when he emerged from my sister, bloody and beautiful. Life always cycling.
  • I read this blog post by Seth Godin, and bought this new book by one of my favorite authors on the subject of doing creative work.
  • I had part of the afternoon off – flex time due to an early evening event I had to attend for work.
  • I wrote a blog post that felt really good. For a change. (I often struggle with my blog writing.)
  • I went to the work event and had fun taking pictures and playing with sidewalk chalk (see photo above).
  • I read the ebook that I bought earlier in the day. (It was very short.) It was very awesome. It pulled together so many ideas that I’ve been thinking about and writing about lately.