wardrobe editing

clothes to donate

So I’ve been sorting my clothes lately. If you’ve seen the photos of my closet that I posted yesterday, you’ll probably already have guessed that I’m a bit of a clothing minimalist. I own four pairs of pants, four dresses, four skirts, and a couple-dozen tops and jackets. Plus assorted undies and socks, and workout gear.

Years ago I began to dream of owning only as many clothes as would fit into one piece of carry-on luggage. I’m not quite there yet. But it will happen. The most recent iteration has involved shedding a whole colour group that began to creep into my wardrobe about three years ago – blue-green. Don’t get me wrong. I love this colour. But I’ve come to realize that I’ll never get to a workable minimalist wardrobe with too many colours that don’t go with each other. And I already have a number of pieces that I love, in blue and purple-blue. I’ve decided to stick with those colours, moving forward. They go with black and brown (the colours of my pants and skirts), and with each other, if I want to mix and match tops and sweaters.

So these tops are awaiting donation to Goodwill…