where i create

writing desk on floor

I saw this post on a Google+ contact’s stream the other day, and was inspired to take a couple of photos of my creative space. The space tends to be pretty flexible, depending on what I’m working on. I have a folding table that I can set up if I want to do some extended work like crafting or drawing (some of the photos from this post were taken in my home studio, some in my mom’s kitchen). Lately I’ve been experimenting with living close to the floor when I’m at home, because I had a strong intuition that this would be better for my knees and back. So I set up my laptop on a small wooden chest, and I sit on my meditation cushion every morning and evening, writing.

The studio includes several bookcases and a couple of lightweight armchairs that I can move around at will. Right now they’re pushed to the edges of the room, so that I can enjoy the wide-open space of my hardwood floor.


What does your creative space look like?

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