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The local papers have been full of stories lately about how desperately the city’s trees need to be watered. We’ve had a hot, dry and stressful summer for trees, and homeowners can help young or vulnerable trees survive by watering them regularly.

As much as I love trees, and as important as I think tress are for our landscape (after all, the area where I live was once covered in deciduous forest before the European settlers came), it pains me to think of a landscape that can no longer take care of itself. Knowing nothing about xeroscaping, I am nevertheless intrigued by vegetation that can fend for itself, no matter what the local conditions.

Regardless, I am watering some trees lately, for a friend who is away. Like many similar activities – housekeeping, cooking, child- and pet-minding – I love the quality of care-giving that’s required. It feels good to contribute to something other than me.

And I appreciate water.

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