sugar skulls (free adult coloring pages)


I’ve been fascinated by sugar skulls for a long time, and I love the Mexican tradition of using them as offerings for the beloved dead family members on the Day of the Dead celebrations. In a world where death (and signs of death like skulls) are often feared, I love the idea of staying connected to our loved ones even after death, and turning a feared symbol into a joyous one.

I’ve been drawing sugar skulls for the first time recently, and have had so much fun that I’m offering a PDF with three sugar skull drawings in one! The first coloring page is the simplest, and the second is similar but with more detail. The final coloring page has four different sugar skulls on it, if you want to do a bunch at once!

(Here’s a photo from my Instagram account of three colored-in versions of pages 1 and 2.)

Click on the link below to download the PDF. Click here for copyright and licensing information.



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