Welcome! My name is Michelle Lynne Goodfellow. I’m a writer and artist who works by day as a nonprofit and small business consultant. Welcome to one of my many virtual playgrounds.

So what is this website about?
This is my online journal – a place where I share things that are alive in me right now. Stories from my own experience. You’ll also find many examples of my creative work – visual arts, photography, adult coloring pagespoetry and design. (I’m slowly importing some of my favorite posts from my older blogs, too.)

If you’re interested in learning more about me, you might want to browse through some of my other online projects, below, or visit my professional website, where you can learn how I help companies tell their story well, and engage tribes of passionate advocates.

What is “emelgy”?
Emelgy is a phonetic spelling of my initials, MLG. It’s been my private nickname for myself for years – I sign all my artwork and emails “MLG.” I’ve been using it as an online identity since 2006 (I think).

I started my first blog, michellelynnegoodfellow.blogspot.com, in the fall of 2006. It was the most thrilling, mind-bending, fulfilling thing I’d ever done. Because up until that point, I was a someday writer without a medium. And after that point, I finally felt like a real writer.

Professional work
If you want to learn more about how I help nonprofits and small businesses tell their story well, and engage tribes of passionate advocates, here’s where you want to go.

Below are some of my other favorite online playgrounds.

Book projects
I’m currently writing a whole bunch of books, including one about my breast cancer journey, and another called Ritual: Maps for Deepening your Creative or Spiritual Practice, inspired by these blog posts from my Kitchen Sink Wisdom blog. I’ll have information on how to purchase the e-books here, once they’re published.

Kitchen Sink Wisdom
My most recent blog is a website of inspiration for soulful living. I keep resisting trying to define it, but its tagline – “ongoing learnings in the care and feeding of life” – is a great place to start. I think of the site as a kind of virtual lifestyle magazine. Only without advertising, editorials, or product placement. Or recipes for cupcakes, next to stern articles about fitness and diet. I’m not trying to sell you anything on this site… except maybe a life more in alignment with your own precious spirit.

Fit is a Feminist Issue
I’m a guest blogger on my friend Samantha’s blog, which is about feminist approaches to fitness, body image, and wellness. I’ve written about why I love the martial art of aikido so much, how martial arts helped me after my breast cancer diagnosis, why I was happy to have a double mastectomy without reconstruction, how aikido helps me with stress, as well as many other topics.

My Instagram
Photos from my life, including creative projects (sewing, knitting, drawing), walks in the woods, yummy stuff I’m eating, and videos of my cats.

I launched a blog of creative prompts in February 2012. Mirificationis (pronounced mee-ree-fee-cah-tee-OH-neese) is Latin for “wonderful, creative powers.” I wanted to build a space where creators of all kinds – visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs – could find creative inspiration. What the heck do you do with creative prompts? Check out these suggestions for getting inspired in your creative life. You may also want to read this list of 100 things to do with a creative prompt. Go!

I keep an artist’s weblog here at emelgy.com. It’s a real mixed bag of stuff: introspective musings (both sad and funny), a document of things that are happening in my life, and regular updates on my creative work, including works in progress. “Emelgy” has been my personal nickname for myself for years – it’s a phonetic spelling of my initials, MLG.

My Cowbird stories
Cowbird.com is an amazing website created by Jonathan Harris. Contributors share personal stories and images from their own lives, sometimes focusing on larger human sagas such as the Occupy movement. I was invited to join the Cowbird community in late 2011, and publish tiny short “story bits” (they’re not really proper stories, more like pieces of stories) whenever I can.

My Google+ page
I created an online profile at Google+ in 2011 as a way of “micro-blogging” while I was setting up my Emelgy.com blog. It’s still my favorite way to meet new people, and I’ve started posting many of my photos in public albums so that you can find a lot of my visual work in one place.

My Pinterest boards
I joined Pinterest back before it was a thing, but never really got that into it until mid-2012. Since then I’ve been totally loving it; I pin images of my own work, and favorite inspirational things, like these rooms I could to live in… or these favorite junk style images… or pics that lower my blood pressure… or art that moves me. It may seem strange to say this, but sometimes I think that my Pinterest boards are one of the clearest ways to understand, without words, who I am. When I browse through them, I see all the things that make me feel happy or engaged. Also: I’m pretty sure Pinterest is more addictive than crack. Just saying.

My Tumblr blog
I started this blog a while back because I wanted a quick and easy way to post my photos to the web. I’m not really active in the Tumblr scene, but I find the platform easy to use, and I can archive all these images from my daily life in one convenient place.

Emelgy Eats
This is another Tumblr blog that I started as a special project to inspire myself to eat more healthily. From August to October 2011 I photographed every piece of food that I ate, and posted it here. (In the process I also got a lot of experience photographing food!) I still post photos here occasionally – usually something new I’ve just cooked up, or something I’ve really enjoyed. And yes, the project actually worked: My diet got better, and the healthy eating habit stuck.

Photos of my kitchen sink
I started this Tumblr project in January 2012, as a prelude to launching Kitchen Sink Wisdom. I really enjoy taking photos of my kitchen sink every day, and documenting them here. Sometimes it’s kitchen scraps, sometimes it’s dirty pots and pans. Sounds appetizing, I know. I’m having a lot of fun with it, though.

Inactive blogs
I began blogging in 2006, and have started more than two dozen blogs in the last six years. Most of them have been deleted, but a few have (temporarily) survived the cut. I’ll be transferring the best content from these sites to my newer blog projects eventually. I think.

my organizing blog
my eco-friendly cleaning blog
my visual arts blog
my vegetarian cooking blog
my junk style blog
my writing blog
my design blog
my life