green bean massacre

plastic bag of green beans and cat

It never fails. I make a grocery store run, I end up with a green bean massacre on my hands. (My cats will eat all sorts of plants – including lilies – and green beans are one of their favorite things to snack on. When I bring my groceries in, they immediately go on a search-find-mission for fun, edible things. Below is a shot of one unrepentant cat and his mess…)

cat on kitchen floor

food scraps in kitchen sink

Another shot of my kitchen sink.

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

magical bowls

kitchen cupboard

I store produce in two glass-fronted cupboards in my kitchen. Each cupboard holds several bowls on shelves, and to a friend of mine, it looks like the bowls magically replenish themselves every week.

I wish.

This whimsical idea has been entertaining me, though. What if I really did have magical bowls? What if they really did fill themselves with fresh produce whenever I emptied them? How would my life be different if I never again had to shop for groceries?

It’s also got me thinking: How would my life be different if it were full of magical objects and machines that did all my work for me? Clothes closets that magically washed all my dirty clothes? Pet food dishes that magically fed my cats? A car that magically drove me around the city? Computers that magically wrote blog posts for me…?

Do you wish you had magical things?

iPhone 5

Some other photos from my day: My new iPhone 5, above. It’s for work. I bought a case for it on Sunday. I’m quite pleased with myself – the case seems quite durable, which should protect the device when I inevitably drop it.

burnt pot

I burned this pot yesterday morning when I was making my breakfast. I include it mostly as a salve for my friend Andrew, who seems to think that I’m a perfect cook. Note to Andrew: I’m not.

cats eating supper

Some people have been asking me about my cats, after they ate lilies and had an unexpected visit to the emergency vet. They’re fine now. None the worse for wear, thankfully.

Lindt sea salt chocolate

Finally, I am seriously addicted to chocolate these days. I bought a bunch of this Lindt chocolate on the weekend, and I’m plowing through it much too fast. This photo is likely blurry because my hands were so close, they were shaking with frustrated desire…

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cat photo shoot

cat on upholstered chair

I’ve been taking lots of photos of the guys since the “incident”, just in case they’re not with me much longer. Above is Guy on the upholstered rocker in my back room.

cat beside white bed

Above and below are Guy in my bedroom.

cat on white bed

(Added later) Finally, this is Tear on my desk, hanging out with me and my work laptop on Monday as I work from home, in order to keep an eye on the critters.

cat on desk beside laptop computer

This, on Tumblr.

the cost of lilies

cat in pet carrier

A friend brought me lilies on Friday night. Little did either of us know that lilies are extremely toxic to cats. Two vet visits (one more to come) and $640 later, the cost of those lilies has been expensive, but I haven’t had to pay the ultimate price – the lives of my cats (I hope). Above is Tear, chilling in his pet carrier at the emergency vet office last night before getting a subcutaneous IV. Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to get these guys in their pet carriers? Hard.

The Tumblr post is here.



I haven’t owned a container of petroleum jelly in forever. I stopped using it forever ago on myself – in fact, I’m trying to think what I ever used it for. I know in high school I used it as lip balm, and at university I used it as a moisturizer before I went swimming (to keep the chlorine off my skin).

Anyhow, I bought some a few weeks ago to put on my cats. Yes, you read that right. One of the guys was having trouble with hairballs, and I read that if you put a bit of petroleum jelly on their fur every day, they would lick it off, and it would act as a laxative, to help them pass more fur in their stools.

(Now whenever I open the container, Guy goes running for the hills. Sigh.)

I appreciate simple (if unpalatable) fixes.

where i want to be right now

cats on bed 1

I have a pinboard on Pinterest called “Where I want to be right now.”

(If you click on that link in the previous sentence, you can visit. Highly recommended, because I’ll bet you’d like to be some of those places right now, too.)

Where I’d like to be right now, though, is in bed. And I was there, until about half an hour ago. (I’m writing this on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m.)

cats on bed 2

It’s been a rough few days. I had bad migraines and endo pain on the weekend, which have left me exhausted and depleted. Then last night I went to bed quite late, and woke up quite early. So when I got home from work tonight, I decided to listen to my body and rest for a few minutes. Which turned into an hour. And a half. The last half of which I spent in a crazy-dozy half-awake state, running through the list of reasons why I shouldn’t get up again.

cats on bed 3

So I’m going back there… very soon…

(I appreciate beds. And sleeping companions with purr-y sound f/x.)

cats on bed 4

cats on bed 5

cats on bed 6

feline domestic bliss

cats 1

Ever since one of my cats was sick, I’ve been taking the time to enjoy my companion animals, and be present to their beauty and the joy they bring me. One of them likes to snuggle up behind my neck when I’m sitting in my upholstered rocker – his claws gripping the fabric as I rock gently back and forth. He makes a soothing headrest, and I love hearing his purr so close to my ear.

Below is the sicky cat (he’s better now) sleeping on my dressers.

sleeping cat

I love playing with their paws while they sleep. I’ll spread their toes over and over again, slipping my fingers through silky fur and smooth black pads, sliding over hard claws. I’m surprised they tolerate it, but I’ve been doing it since they were kittens…

cat foot

sick cat

sick cat 2

My cat Guy was sick on Friday morning. I’m going to be writing more about it later this week on my Kitchen Sink Wisdom blog, but for now I’ll just say that it was potentially life-threatening, in the end not as bad as I feared, and the bright side? An enforced vacation day spent watching over him, making sure he was responding well to the treatment, and out of danger.

I appreciate my beautiful companion animals, and skilled vets.

sick cat 1

Below is Guy’s brother Tear, hanging out Friday afternoon with us on my bed.

sick cat 3

a moment

black and white vintage kitchen

Do you ever experience a moment where you just want to reach out and grab it before it gets away? Yell, “That!” and press pause? Hold onto it forever, suspended, for always? I sometimes have those moments, and surprisingly enough they often happen during very mundane, very insignificant activities. I had one Wednesday night.

From my journal:

Sitting in my kitchen. It’s 7:30 p.m.-ish. I just boiled a kettle of water. When it cools a little, I’ll enjoy a mug of hot water.

I spent some time online for about an hour. It left me feeling unsettled. I’m trying to get my equilibrium back. I sat down in my kitchen. I turned on some quiet music. A cat jumped in my lap. The other curled up behind my right shoulder, in my kitchen pass-through window.

I want more time in my life for detours – for un-doing. For non-trying. For anti-settling. I don’t need anything, right this moment.

I took both these photographs immediately after writing. The May evening light in my kitchen was perfect. Tear (below) was purring in my kitchen pass-through window.

black and white tabby cat