cat photo shoot

cat on upholstered chair

I’ve been taking lots of photos of the guys since the “incident”, just in case they’re not with me much longer. Above is Guy on the upholstered rocker in my back room.

cat beside white bed

Above and below are Guy in my bedroom.

cat on white bed

(Added later) Finally, this is Tear on my desk, hanging out with me and my work laptop on Monday as I work from home, in order to keep an eye on the critters.

cat on desk beside laptop computer

This, on Tumblr.

chair fetish

stacking wooden chairs

Okay, so if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you may have guessed that I have a bit of a chair fetish. I’ve already posted photos of this rocking chair in my front room, this wicker armchair in my back room, and these chairs around my desk, yesterday. I love chairs. Like these stacking wooden ones (above), that I bought years ago at a rummage sale. They’re perfect for my apartment because:

  • They’re wooden.
  • They’re vintage.
  • They stack, and so they take up less space when not in use.

I appreciate chairs.

comfort – worn furniture

frayed green upholstery

This is another one of my favorite chairs. It lived in my family’s home throughout my childhood. It’s in my back room right now. It desperately needs re-upholstering or slipcovering, but right now I love its shabby chic appeal. Plus it’s one of my most comfortable chairs – I don’t want it to be out of commission!

I appreciate comfortable chairs.


Photo theme for March: Comfort