bin of toys

I had a former boyfriend and his family over for an hour or so on Sunday afternoon. They were passing by my city and stopped in for a (planned) visit. It was so much fun for me to gather together some age-appropriate toys for their 15-month-old daughter to play with. I love toys. I loved them when I was a nanny and caregiver, I loved them when I was an aunt to young children. I still collect children’s activities on Pinterest, although don’t ask my why. Maybe to do them myself.

Yeah, I like the sounds of that. I’ll do them myself… :)

I appreciate play. And visiting friends. With children.

Raggedy Ann and Andy

crayons and masking tape

Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Ann back of head

crayon cupcakes


In preparation for taking my art journal supplies on vacation, I recently made crayon cupcakes. I first learned how to make them in Traci Bautista‘s awesome book, Collage Unleashed.

Basically, you just break up crayons…

crayon cupcakes pre-oven

…melt them in the oven…

crayon cupcakes post oven

…and pop them out of the moulds when they’ve cooled.

I love them for covering large areas quickly, and blending different colours.

crayon cupcakes