daeyang gallery and house

Daeyang Gallery and House

I came across these two videos after reading about this Korean gallery and house designed by architect Steven Holl in the May issue of Dwell magazine.

I love architecture and design, and I love how these buildings incorporate light, water, space and angles into living and performance spaces that feel uplifting. In the first video, Holl talks about the spaces and the ideas he was trying to communicate with these buildings; the second video is a beautiful visual tour through some of the spaces.

My favorite bits are the skylights covered with water, that cast flickering pools of light on the rooms below, and the flat plane of water that is such an integral part of the entire design. (Plus I also love all the wood and stone and glass!) I wish I could live in this space…

love letter to a porch

porch 1

I’ve been looking after a friend’s place while she’s away. Every other day I water one of her trees. While I wait for the water to seep into the parched earth, I sit on her porch. I bring the same magazine, day after day, and re-read it from cover to cover. (I’m afraid of changing magazines, because I love this one that I’ve been reading, and it’s now tied so closely with the magical experience of sitting on my friend’s porch that I’m afraid of jinxing things by changing even one element.)

I appreciate porches. And good magazines. And perfect summer evenings.

porch 2

porch 3

porch 4

porch 5