garbage juice

grey plastic bucket

Yesterday when I was bagging up my kitchen garbage to take out, I spilled garbage juice all over my work pants and wool socks. Nasty. I immediately took them off and soaked them in a bucket of water with a few glugs of vinegar added, to help deodorize them. I’ll be laundering them today…

black socks hanging to dry

petting cat

First thing in the morning (after sleeping in a little) I did yoga for the first time in a couple of weeks, and of course the boys had to join me on the kitchen floor. This is pettingcatasana

cat sleeping on lap

Later my little guy curled up for a nap on my lap while I worked at the computer.

vegetable scraps in sink

Vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink.

baby bok choi

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.



Yesterday I spent some time going through my iPhone photos and uploading them to my computer. I also did a few photo shoots, including this set of photos of my pantry. I’ll be publishing them soon on my lifestyle blog, Kitchen Sink Wisdom.

pepper mill and glass measuring cup

jar of white chalk

coloured chalk

canning jar lids

canning jar lids

canning jars in pantry

canning jars in pantry

canning jars holding dried goods

canning jars holding dried goods

canning jars holding dried goods

Nellie's oxygen bleach

natural cleaning supplies

natural cleaning supplies


apron and bottle brushes

how to wash a floor

Bucket and cleaning rag

I love washing floors. The old-fashioned way – on my hands and knees. Today was a quiet day, and a good day to clean my kitchen.

There’s a method to my madness – a ritual for every task. When I’m washing the kitchen floor I like to remove all the movable things: table, chair, wicker armchair. That way I don’t have to fight with furniture legs, and the stray cat hairs that like to dance around them. The cats enjoy the moving game – everything is new when it’s in a different place.

Furniture in my hallway

I use a Swiffer with a reusable mop head to sweep.

Swiffer mop with re-usable mop head

The floor gets swept many times before it is water-worthy. Two cats shed a lot of hair.

My kitchen floor

Things I love: stainless steel bucket, vinegar and water, reusable rags cut from old towels.

Bucket and cleaning rag

One rag washes; two or four more dry as I go.

Cleaning rag

Kneeling on the floor reminds me of being a child. Or praying. Or settling into child’s pose in yoga, which is a little of both.

My kitchen floor

I also cleaned my glass-fronted cupboards, which hold bowls of fruit and vegetables, and kitchen things.

Blue bowls of fruit and tomatoes
Bowls of mangoes and tomatoes

Maybe the reason I love cleaning so much is the way I feel when I’m done: Calm.

This is a time-machine post. Written and published on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. Photos taken and floor washed on Monday, August 1.

©2011, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow. All rights reserved.