cat yawning

RRRRRAWR! (Actually, that’s just him yawning. But doesn’t he look fierce? I need me some of that.)

napping with cat

Seriously, though – very lazy day. Lots of napping going on. Laziness. Good for me.

napping with cat

Made a frittata (below). Was trying to improve on my own technique, after sampling someone else’s at brunch. Very satisfying.

Do you ever do that? Try something for yourself, when no-one’s looking? I had an idea about the frittata – a way that I wanted to cook it, that might be an improvement. Fun to experiment…


My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

garbage juice

grey plastic bucket

Yesterday when I was bagging up my kitchen garbage to take out, I spilled garbage juice all over my work pants and wool socks. Nasty. I immediately took them off and soaked them in a bucket of water with a few glugs of vinegar added, to help deodorize them. I’ll be laundering them today…

black socks hanging to dry

petting cat

First thing in the morning (after sleeping in a little) I did yoga for the first time in a couple of weeks, and of course the boys had to join me on the kitchen floor. This is pettingcatasana

cat sleeping on lap

Later my little guy curled up for a nap on my lap while I worked at the computer.

vegetable scraps in sink

Vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink.

baby bok choi

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

kitchen towel

kitchen hand towel

The above photo was taken early in the morning while I was preparing my breakfast and lunch. I lay on my kitchen floor beside my refrigerator to take it. This is the towel (rag, really) that I use to wipe my hands while I’m working in the kitchen. I change it every day for a clean one. It hangs from a hook with a clip – the kind you’d use in your laundry room, to hang a small item to dry.

kitchen sink

My kitchen sink on Wednesday morning.

dark bedroom

The day didn’t end well. I woke up with a migraine which got progressively worse as the morning went on. I left a community meeting partway through the noon hour, afraid I was going to vomit. (I did, later in the afternoon. Twice.) Spent the rest of the day in my bed, sick as a dog. When I have a day like this, where I don’t feel well, I get really down. Enough said.

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

magical bowls

kitchen cupboard

I store produce in two glass-fronted cupboards in my kitchen. Each cupboard holds several bowls on shelves, and to a friend of mine, it looks like the bowls magically replenish themselves every week.

I wish.

This whimsical idea has been entertaining me, though. What if I really did have magical bowls? What if they really did fill themselves with fresh produce whenever I emptied them? How would my life be different if I never again had to shop for groceries?

It’s also got me thinking: How would my life be different if it were full of magical objects and machines that did all my work for me? Clothes closets that magically washed all my dirty clothes? Pet food dishes that magically fed my cats? A car that magically drove me around the city? Computers that magically wrote blog posts for me…?

Do you wish you had magical things?

iPhone 5

Some other photos from my day: My new iPhone 5, above. It’s for work. I bought a case for it on Sunday. I’m quite pleased with myself – the case seems quite durable, which should protect the device when I inevitably drop it.

burnt pot

I burned this pot yesterday morning when I was making my breakfast. I include it mostly as a salve for my friend Andrew, who seems to think that I’m a perfect cook. Note to Andrew: I’m not.

cats eating supper

Some people have been asking me about my cats, after they ate lilies and had an unexpected visit to the emergency vet. They’re fine now. None the worse for wear, thankfully.

Lindt sea salt chocolate

Finally, I am seriously addicted to chocolate these days. I bought a bunch of this Lindt chocolate on the weekend, and I’m plowing through it much too fast. This photo is likely blurry because my hands were so close, they were shaking with frustrated desire…

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i spilled these blueberries all over the supermarket floor

blueberries in bowl on kitchen counter

I spilled these blueberries yesterday morning all over the supermarket floor while I was grocery shopping. I bought them and brought them home anyhow (I hate waste), and disinfected them by soaking them first in vinegar (straight, not diluted) and then in 3% hydrogen peroxide. This food disinfection technique is supposed to be as good as chlorine bleach.

Shortly after this photo was taken I ate the blueberries, and have suffered no ill effects – so I guess I could say it works. Ish.

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eggs 1

I recently started eating (organic, free-range) eggs again, after being vegan for several months. (I’ve been vegetarian for 26 years.) I wanted to increase my protein consumption without increasing my carbs. Unfortunately there have been several heat waves this summer, which has meant that I’ve been focusing on cooking methods that require the least possible amount of heat. Which has meant a lot of scrambled eggs. Like, a lot.

But earlier this week I was visiting my parents (who have air conditioning), and I boiled some eggs. Which created a hankering for hard-boiled eggs. Thankfully it was cool enough last night that I was able to make them again, this time in my own apartment.

I appreciate eggs. And variety.

eggs 2

eggs 3

my favorite olive oil

Gallo olive oil

A few days ago I ran out of olive oil, and asked my mom if she would look for some more for me, when she was running an errand to the grocery store. She called me from the store, saying she didn’t see the brand I’d mentioned, but did I want another kind that was on sale?

Nope. I love me some Gallo extra virgin olive oil. I’ve tried many kinds – expensive, cheap, and everything in between – and Gallo is my favorite for a rich, olivey taste without being too bitter. If you’re the kind of person who likes drizzling olive oil on rustic bread, Gallo goes good with that.

That night (the same one my mom was running errands), I stopped at another store on my way home, and picked up two bottles, so I won’t run out as soon…

I appreciate olive oil.

more kitchen sink photos

vegetable scraps in kitchen sink

It’s been a while since I’ve taken regular photos of my kitchen sink. I used to shoot them every morning while I made my breakfast and bag lunch. I still love looking at vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink, though. They’re so colourful, and textural, and full of endless patterns and rhythms.

I appreciate vegetables.

vegetable scraps in kitchen sink 2

fridge after and before

refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables

As I’m writing this on Saturday morning, June 16, I’ve just finished putting away my groceries. I love Saturday mornings – my shopping routine, the comforting feeling of having fully stocked fridge, and cleaning up my kitchen after everything is put away.

I’ve been making some gradual changes to my diet since this photo project that I started last summer. I photographed and posted online everything that I ate between August and mid-October, 2011. I was a vegetarian at the time (I haven’t eaten meat, fowl or seafood since 1989), but was eating a lot of junk food, and wanted to establish some healthier habits. The simple act of photographing my food every day helped me make better choices, and over the three or so months that I actively carried out the project (I stopped photographing absolutely everything I ate sometime in mid-October, but I still occasionally post photos of favorite meals), I transitioned to vegan (no longer eating animal products), and cut out the worst of my junk food habits.

Since then I’ve made even more refinements to my diet, experimenting with adding superfoods like chia, chlorella, brightly coloured vegetables, berries and tons of greens, cutting out grains, legumes, processed sugar, and more recently sweet fruit (I still eat fresh berries though). Now I’m making another transition to a low-carb vegan diet, which will also be predominantly raw for the summer (only because it’s too hot to cook in my apartment during the summertime). I was curious to see if these changes have meant any difference in the way my fridge looks, so I found this photo (below) from earlier this year for comparison.

full Frigidaire refrigerator

One change that has nothing to do with my food choices is that I’m actually buying and eating less food (although trust me, I still eat HUGE meals – typically salads that are six cups or more in volume). Sometimes I buy more greens mid-week, because they take up the most room in my fridge. Other than less food, however, you can’t really see the difference in the before and after fridge photos. I’m cutting way back on nuts, which means fewer jars in my fridge door. That’s about it. I’m planning on writing another diet update after the end of June, to report on my low-carb transition (which I’m kind of dreading, only because of the possible symptoms associated with fat adaption – wish me luck!).