fridge after and before

refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables

As I’m writing this on Saturday morning, June 16, I’ve just finished putting away my groceries. I love Saturday mornings – my shopping routine, the comforting feeling of having fully stocked fridge, and cleaning up my kitchen after everything is put away.

I’ve been making some gradual changes to my diet since this photo project that I started last summer. I photographed and posted online everything that I ate between August and mid-October, 2011. I was a vegetarian at the time (I haven’t eaten meat, fowl or seafood since 1989), but was eating a lot of junk food, and wanted to establish some healthier habits. The simple act of photographing my food every day helped me make better choices, and over the three or so months that I actively carried out the project (I stopped photographing absolutely everything I ate sometime in mid-October, but I still occasionally post photos of favorite meals), I transitioned to vegan (no longer eating animal products), and cut out the worst of my junk food habits.

Since then I’ve made even more refinements to my diet, experimenting with adding superfoods like chia, chlorella, brightly coloured vegetables, berries and tons of greens, cutting out grains, legumes, processed sugar, and more recently sweet fruit (I still eat fresh berries though). Now I’m making another transition to a low-carb vegan diet, which will also be predominantly raw for the summer (only because it’s too hot to cook in my apartment during the summertime). I was curious to see if these changes have meant any difference in the way my fridge looks, so I found this photo (below) from earlier this year for comparison.

full Frigidaire refrigerator

One change that has nothing to do with my food choices is that I’m actually buying and eating less food (although trust me, I still eat HUGE meals – typically salads that are six cups or more in volume). Sometimes I buy more greens mid-week, because they take up the most room in my fridge. Other than less food, however, you can’t really see the difference in the before and after fridge photos. I’m cutting way back on nuts, which means fewer jars in my fridge door. That’s about it. I’m planning on writing another diet update after the end of June, to report on my low-carb transition (which I’m kind of dreading, only because of the possible symptoms associated with fat adaption – wish me luck!).