abuk: a musical

Abuk as a baby

I first saw Abuk when she was a tiny girl, barreling around my church parlour during coffee hour after Sunday service. Like most toddlers, she was always intent on moving as quickly as possible towards whatever had most recently captured her attention.

I rejoiced when I learned that Abuk’s adoptive parents, Glen Pearson and Jane Roy, were finally able to bring Abuk’s twin, Achan, and their older brother, Ater, to Canada to complete their family in 2007.

Glen and Jane have been doing humanitarian work in Southern Sudan since 1998, and through their tireless efforts they continue to raise funds and awareness for this war-torn land.

Their friend and fellow London Food Bank colleague Brain Ratcliffe has created a musical about the life of Abuk, based on a book written by Glen. I can’t wait to attend the premier here in London in a couple of weeks. All proceeds from the performances will go to Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan.

Check out one of the songs from the show, below.

Abuk: A Musical poster

The next two videos were taken during Glen and Jane’s trip to Sudan this past January, which coincided with the referendum.

Finally, this is one of my favorite of Glen and Jane’s videos. It shows the kids shaving off Glen’s “Movember” moustache last December.