green bean massacre

plastic bag of green beans and cat

It never fails. I make a grocery store run, I end up with a green bean massacre on my hands. (My cats will eat all sorts of plants – including lilies – and green beans are one of their favorite things to snack on. When I bring my groceries in, they immediately go on a search-find-mission for fun, edible things. Below is a shot of one unrepentant cat and his mess…)

cat on kitchen floor

food scraps in kitchen sink

Another shot of my kitchen sink.

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even more maps

Instagram map 1

I had fun on the weekend (in between bouts of severe endo pain) taking and editing some more map photos. I used Instagram and Camera+ on each of these images. (Did I mention how much fun this was?)

One of the things I really love about maps – apart from their usefulness – is their colours and shapes. Pale pastels – especially blues and greens – or brilliant rainbow hues like pink, yellow, gold and purple. Most of these maps are from my own collection of old National Geographic or road maps. A couple are from photos I took of maps in magazines, which I then cropped and edited in my iPhone.

I appreciate the advice of someone who’s been there before.

Instagram map 2

Instagram map 3

Instagram map 4

Instagram map 5

Instagram map 6

walk in the woods

path in woods

Whenever I can, I like to go walking in the woods. These are some photos that I took a few weekends ago, that I hadn’t gotten around to posting before now. The spring path was very muddy. Good thing I had a new pair of rubber boots (below).

muddy path

This area near Walkers Pond is very swampy. I love the green of the water and the trees.




There’s also a boardwalk leading to a viewing platform directly over the pond. I appreciate views like this.

boardwalk viewing station

Walker's Pond

comfort – worn furniture

frayed green upholstery

This is another one of my favorite chairs. It lived in my family’s home throughout my childhood. It’s in my back room right now. It desperately needs re-upholstering or slipcovering, but right now I love its shabby chic appeal. Plus it’s one of my most comfortable chairs – I don’t want it to be out of commission!

I appreciate comfortable chairs.


Photo theme for March: Comfort

how to wash a floor

Bucket and cleaning rag

I love washing floors. The old-fashioned way – on my hands and knees. Today was a quiet day, and a good day to clean my kitchen.

There’s a method to my madness – a ritual for every task. When I’m washing the kitchen floor I like to remove all the movable things: table, chair, wicker armchair. That way I don’t have to fight with furniture legs, and the stray cat hairs that like to dance around them. The cats enjoy the moving game – everything is new when it’s in a different place.

Furniture in my hallway

I use a Swiffer with a reusable mop head to sweep.

Swiffer mop with re-usable mop head

The floor gets swept many times before it is water-worthy. Two cats shed a lot of hair.

My kitchen floor

Things I love: stainless steel bucket, vinegar and water, reusable rags cut from old towels.

Bucket and cleaning rag

One rag washes; two or four more dry as I go.

Cleaning rag

Kneeling on the floor reminds me of being a child. Or praying. Or settling into child’s pose in yoga, which is a little of both.

My kitchen floor

I also cleaned my glass-fronted cupboards, which hold bowls of fruit and vegetables, and kitchen things.

Blue bowls of fruit and tomatoes
Bowls of mangoes and tomatoes

Maybe the reason I love cleaning so much is the way I feel when I’m done: Calm.

This is a time-machine post. Written and published on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. Photos taken and floor washed on Monday, August 1.

©2011, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow. All rights reserved.