garbage juice

grey plastic bucket

Yesterday when I was bagging up my kitchen garbage to take out, I spilled garbage juice all over my work pants and wool socks. Nasty. I immediately took them off and soaked them in a bucket of water with a few glugs of vinegar added, to help deodorize them. I’ll be laundering them today…

black socks hanging to dry

petting cat

First thing in the morning (after sleeping in a little) I did yoga for the first time in a couple of weeks, and of course the boys had to join me on the kitchen floor. This is pettingcatasana

cat sleeping on lap

Later my little guy curled up for a nap on my lap while I worked at the computer.

vegetable scraps in sink

Vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink.

baby bok choi

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

comfort – wicker armchair

grey wicker armchair with cushion

This armchair is in my back room right now. I bought it at a church rummage sale in Toronto five years ago. It had been an outdoor chair, and was a little disheveled. Two cats later, it looks even more the worse for wear, although it’s still pretty sturdy.

The church where I got the chair was on one of the major roads near my home. I remember it took me forever to get it into my little hatchback.

Months after I bought the chair, I attended a sing-a-long Messiah at the same church.

I appreciate comfy armchairs.


Photo theme for March: Comfort