hose 1

The local papers have been full of stories lately about how desperately the city’s trees need to be watered. We’ve had a hot, dry and stressful summer for trees, and homeowners can help young or vulnerable trees survive by watering them regularly.

As much as I love trees, and as important as I think tress are for our landscape (after all, the area where I live was once covered in deciduous forest before the European settlers came), it pains me to think of a landscape that can no longer take care of itself. Knowing nothing about xeroscaping, I am nevertheless intrigued by vegetation that can fend for itself, no matter what the local conditions.

Regardless, I am watering some trees lately, for a friend who is away. Like many similar activities – housekeeping, cooking, child- and pet-minding – I love the quality of care-giving that’s required. It feels good to contribute to something other than me.

And I appreciate water.

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coolest spot in the place

cat on bathroom floor

Mother of G*d, but it’s hot in my apartment! I’m writing this on Thursday night (the night before this will be published), and it’s been hovering around 90 degrees (33 Celsius) or more for the last couple of days inside my unit. Above is a photo I took of one of my cats this morning. He was flaked out on the tile floor in the bathroom – apparently one of the cooler places to be. Literally.

I don’t usually mind the heat. I suffer from a circulation disorder called Raynaud’s Disease, and I’m typically so cold all winter that when summer comes, it’s like the ultimate freedom from discomfort. Except when it gets too hot to cool down. Like tonight.

When I got home from work (after being sequestered all day in an air conditioned office), I practically passed out from physical exhaustion. Thank heaven for cool baths…