rag curls

Michelle Lynne Goodfellow, July 2012

I was watching the 2011 British version of Jane Eyre* on Netflix last week, and noticed in one scene that the ladies of the house slept with rags tied in their hair, to curl it. It reminded me of when I was a teenager, and went to bed with homemade rag curlers just like them, to make my hair curly.

I got a sudden hankering to get me some rag curls, although I improvised with some pipe cleaners instead of tearing up some old cotton. I’ve slept with them every night since, and am getting pretty adept at getting the look that I want – a kind of messy, natural-looking, beachy hair. I’m alwo really grateful that my latest haircut suits curly hair really well. Above is a pic with the curls freshly released. Below is me ready for work Friday morning.

(I really should put together some sort of tutorial for this. Someday.)

Michelle Lynne Goodfellow, July 2012

*I highly recommend the film, by the way. I had started to watch the 1943 version with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles, but just couldn’t get into it. The 2011 version is visually gorgeous and the performances are very compelling.

god’s eyes

god's eyes

When my niece and nephew were visiting in the summer, my niece made a craft with some dyed popsicle sticks. She left the craft behind when they went home. Several weeks ago I found it, and recycled most of the components (shh!). I wanted to do something with the popsicle sticks, though. I thought maybe they would make great God’s eyes or “yarn paintings,” with some of my many colours of yarn.

Tonight when I was gathering together some things to take to my parents’, I pulled out the sticks and some yarn, thinking the God’s eyes would be something nice to make while I visited with Mom and Dad. I wasn’t sure how to make them, though, so when I got there I searched for a tutorial on my iPhone, and found this video. I love how into it the kid is. My finished results turned out really well (see the photo at the beginning of this post). I hung them in two of my windows when I got home.

I just looked up God’s eyes on Wikipedia, because I wanted to learn more about them. I love the many shades of meaning…

Update: Tuesday night, November 29. The God’s eyes lasted less than 24 hours in my back room windows. The cats found them, and managed to pull one down and run off with it the morning after they were made. I moved them to my kitchen doorway, and there they hang, now.

God's eyes in my kitchen doorway