my favorite olive oil

Gallo olive oil

A few days ago I ran out of olive oil, and asked my mom if she would look for some more for me, when she was running an errand to the grocery store. She called me from the store, saying she didn’t see the brand I’d mentioned, but did I want another kind that was on sale?

Nope. I love me some Gallo extra virgin olive oil. I’ve tried many kinds – expensive, cheap, and everything in between – and Gallo is my favorite for a rich, olivey taste without being too bitter. If you’re the kind of person who likes drizzling olive oil on rustic bread, Gallo goes good with that.

That night (the same one my mom was running errands), I stopped at another store on my way home, and picked up two bottles, so I won’t run out as soon…

I appreciate olive oil.