flowers (free adult coloring page)


Ever since I started drawing adult coloring pages, I’ve been wanting to create some tutorials for beginners to adult coloring, and so I’ve been drawing some simple pages that beginners can use over and over again to work on their techniques. This is one of them. It was fun to draw – I started out tracing a small, circular object over and over again (I generally don’t use a pencil pre-drawing for most of my adult coloring pages), a technique I learned from The Bloggess after she posted photos of this zentangle drawing that she was working on.

Do I think that using pencil is cheating? No. I think you should do whatever works. Most of the time I just prefer a really loose, wonky kind of feel to my adult coloring pages, so I don’t bother with sketching in pencil guidelines.

Click on the link below to download the PDF. Click here for copyright and licensing information.



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