map 1

I recently started a map pinboard on Pinterest. I was so excited and full of ideas about what I could put there, including some of my own art journal work, which sometimes includes collaged vintage maps. These are some Instagram photos of details from five different art journal spreads.

(And yes, I’m going to pin these photos to my board!)

map 2

map 3

map 4

map 5

pretty pinterest iphone screenshots

Still loving Pinterest. Still addicted. I love filling my eyes with so many beautiful photographs. A few nights ago when I was pinning in the middle of the night, I noticed that my Pinterest stream looked really beautiful, too. Here are some screenshots. I would love to make quilts that looked like these…


Pinterest screen shot

I joined Pinterest back before it was a thing. It seemed like fun, but I didn’t really have much time to play around there. Then I got concerned about reports I was hearing of Pinterest’s deceptive affiliate links, so I consciously avoided the site for a while. There was also the issue of Pinterest’s user agreement, in which the user assumes all liability for any copyright infringement of anything they post. (See a discussion of this issue in photographer Trey Ratcliffe's Variety Hour video podcast series, at the end of this post.)

But honestly? I don’t pin retail stuff. I’m more interested in craft how-to’s and creative inspiration. Plus a bunch of my Facebook contacts have recently been joining Pinterest, which makes it more fun. So I’ve been hanging out there a bit lately.

I’m not playing Pinterest to win, though. It’s truly just a place to put some of my favorite inspiration. Like these rooms. I could live in them.

Update: Saturday, May 26. I spent a whackload of time on Pinterest last night, just browsing through random people’s boards. SO MUCH FUN. I’m trying to figure out what it is I like about it, and I think it’s that it reminds me of flipping through a really interesting magazine. Whenever something catches my eye, I stop and take a closer look, or click through to the original post (usually for craft or beauty tutorials). Plus I edited my boards a bit. When I look through the photos of rooms I could live in, I see my dream home. Eerie.