so i’m writing this book

stack of art journals

I’m not quite sure how it happened (to be honest, it feels a little like a dream that I may wake up from at any moment), but I’m writing a book right now. It’s based on these daily blog posts that I’ve written for my Kitchen Sink Wisdom blog over the past two months, on the theme of ritual.

I’m excited and humbled by this project. It keeps me up at night, and puts a smile on my face every morning.

I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never knew how to get a book written. To tell you the truth, the very idea of writing a book always intimidated me. How do you choose a subject? How do you make it interesting? Even though I’ve been a paid writer for nearly 20 years, the sheer length of a book scared me. I write short things: articles, newsletters, information sheets, procedures, training materials, blog posts, reports, business plans. But a book? No way. Too many words to ever get down on paper.

Then I found out that an acquaintance of mine has published 55 books in his lifetime. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. 55. And when I realized that his books were written one day at a time – sometimes one blog post at a time, the way I was writing – it finally occurred to me that maybe that’s how a book gets written. Through a regular practice, sentence by sentence, day after day.

The second, wondrous aspect of this particular book that I’m writing is that the subject matter of the book is the same as its process. Meaning, I’m using creative ritual to write a book about creative ritual. I’m tapping into an energy larger than myself (which some people might call God, or their muse, but I like to call creative Source), and letting that energy flow through me, while writing a book about how I let creative energy flow through me. Yes. Pretty trippy.

I’ve been blessed to have a small circle of readers who’ve followed the original blog posts day after day on Kitchen Sink Wisdom. Having them there has been a huge inspiration to me, and in honour of their faithfulness (and to help keep me focused), I’m making the working manuscript available to anyone who’s interested. You can read the introduction here. Email me if you want more. I’m happy to share.

birthday books


My family gifted me with some money for my birthday, to buy some new books. (Actually, the money was to buy whatever I wanted, but I knew ahead of time that I wanted to spend it on books. I keep a wish list on, and I try to use restraint in my regular book buying. Try.) Here’s what I got, in order of purchase:

Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness by B. Wallace. Haven’t started this one yet, but when I downloaded it to my iPhone, I discovered that it’s the longest ebook I now own. By far. I’m finding this somewhat daunting.

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Companion: Daily Exercises for Calming Your Mind in an Overstimulating World by Ted Zeff. This one (and the other two HSP books, below) has a long story attached, which will probably be the subject of some other blog posts. Suffice to say, I’m seriously feeling the need for these books right now. And they’re filling that need nicely.

EFT for the Highly Sensitive Temperament by Rue Hass.

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Workbook by Elaine Aron.

Spiritual Hunger: Integrating Myth and Ritual Into Daily Life by Allan G. Hunter. I first heard of this book in a monthly newsletter that I get, and it seemed intriguing. I love thinking about the rituals – meaningful and meaningless – that fill our daily lives. I’m sure I’m going to be talking a lot more about this book, probably on my Kitchen Sink Wisdom blog.

Transformational Speaking by Gail Larsen. Can’t remember where I heard about this book… but again, it seemed really intriguing. I’m always interested in finding better ways to communicate well – and by that I mean, reaching out and really connecting with others.

The Power of Energy Mandalas: Balance, Harmony and Awareness in Daily Life by Olivier Manitara. Another random book that seemed interesting. Don’t actually have it (or the Transformational Speaking one) yet – they had to be ordered.

Lots of awesome reading coming up!

Plus, as a total aside: A dear friend gifted me with this novel last weekend. It was could-not-put-down-hilarious. And I never read novels. Highly recommended.