magical bowls

kitchen cupboard

I store produce in two glass-fronted cupboards in my kitchen. Each cupboard holds several bowls on shelves, and to a friend of mine, it looks like the bowls magically replenish themselves every week.

I wish.

This whimsical idea has been entertaining me, though. What if I really did have magical bowls? What if they really did fill themselves with fresh produce whenever I emptied them? How would my life be different if I never again had to shop for groceries?

It’s also got me thinking: How would my life be different if it were full of magical objects and machines that did all my work for me? Clothes closets that magically washed all my dirty clothes? Pet food dishes that magically fed my cats? A car that magically drove me around the city? Computers that magically wrote blog posts for me…?

Do you wish you had magical things?

iPhone 5

Some other photos from my day: My new iPhone 5, above. It’s for work. I bought a case for it on Sunday. I’m quite pleased with myself – the case seems quite durable, which should protect the device when I inevitably drop it.

burnt pot

I burned this pot yesterday morning when I was making my breakfast. I include it mostly as a salve for my friend Andrew, who seems to think that I’m a perfect cook. Note to Andrew: I’m not.

cats eating supper

Some people have been asking me about my cats, after they ate lilies and had an unexpected visit to the emergency vet. They’re fine now. None the worse for wear, thankfully.

Lindt sea salt chocolate

Finally, I am seriously addicted to chocolate these days. I bought a bunch of this Lindt chocolate on the weekend, and I’m plowing through it much too fast. This photo is likely blurry because my hands were so close, they were shaking with frustrated desire…

See just the #photo365 photos, here.

olympic trials

white laundry

The setup: I have two cats. We’re in the middle of a heatwave right now.

The status update from two days ago: Aaaand in the lightweight male neutered category is Guy Goodfellow with his first attempt at a hairball on upholstered furniture or bed. While his choice of white sheets will add to his score, I’m afraid that the poor hairball formation, combined with too much stomach fluid, may hurt Team Emelgy’s chances at a medal…

The result: Enforced laundry while suffering from a migraine.

chair fetish

stacking wooden chairs

Okay, so if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you may have guessed that I have a bit of a chair fetish. I’ve already posted photos of this rocking chair in my front room, this wicker armchair in my back room, and these chairs around my desk, yesterday. I love chairs. Like these stacking wooden ones (above), that I bought years ago at a rummage sale. They’re perfect for my apartment because:

  • They’re wooden.
  • They’re vintage.
  • They stack, and so they take up less space when not in use.

I appreciate chairs.

another place where i create

large desk and rocking chairs

Last week I shared some photos of my back room, which I use as a studio for writing, drawing, crafting and sewing. (It also holds my books and my clothes.) As luxurious as it may seem, I actually have four places in my apartment where I can (and do) write – thanks to the portability of my laptop. In this post I’m sharing some photos of my front room, which I set up as a home office when I first moved into my apartment, and where I’m writing this post.

Above you can see what the room looks like from my front door: there’s a large industrial shelving unit that fills the entire wall to the left, a huge desk made from a cedar door placed on three filing cabinets, and several wooden chairs, including two of my collection of rocking chairs, and a vintage stenographer’s chair from the 1940s.

desk with laptop and strawberries

I’m pretty obsessive-compulsive about keeping my work areas spotless and completely clear. (You should see my cubicle at work – a casual observer might not realize that anybody even works there, it’s so bare!) I’m a very visual person, and find it too distracting to have clutter or piles of papers where I’m working. The one exception is when I’m making collages – then I love having an assortment of papers and supplies spread all over the place.

two rocking chairs

Most of all, I love having beautiful views in front of me when I write. I always set up my desk / writing area facing a window, so I can rest my eyes on peaceful vistas. In this case, it’s a huge purple maple that’s growing directly outside my windows.

tree outside window



Yesterday I spent some time going through my iPhone photos and uploading them to my computer. I also did a few photo shoots, including this set of photos of my pantry. I’ll be publishing them soon on my lifestyle blog, Kitchen Sink Wisdom.

pepper mill and glass measuring cup

jar of white chalk

coloured chalk

canning jar lids

canning jar lids

canning jars in pantry

canning jars in pantry

canning jars holding dried goods

canning jars holding dried goods

canning jars holding dried goods

Nellie's oxygen bleach

natural cleaning supplies

natural cleaning supplies


apron and bottle brushes

renewal – pulling the plug

brass drain in white porcelain sink

I love the moment when I finish washing my dishes and the sink is empty of water, and clean.

In that moment, I feel truly ready to start all over again at the next meal.

I appreciate pulling the plug.


See more photos of my kitchen sink here.

Photo theme for April: Renewal

comfort – worn furniture

frayed green upholstery

This is another one of my favorite chairs. It lived in my family’s home throughout my childhood. It’s in my back room right now. It desperately needs re-upholstering or slipcovering, but right now I love its shabby chic appeal. Plus it’s one of my most comfortable chairs – I don’t want it to be out of commission!

I appreciate comfortable chairs.


Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – cooling off my rooms

bookshelves and blue dressers

On Thursday night (after the outdoor daytime temperature went above 20C (68F), and the indoor temperature in my apartment got above 27C (80F), I visually “cooled” my room by putting away any clutter. In the summer, when it can get over 37C (100F), I get super minimalistic with my interior decorating, and try to stick with as much white as possible.

I appreciate spareness.


Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – wicker armchair

grey wicker armchair with cushion

This armchair is in my back room right now. I bought it at a church rummage sale in Toronto five years ago. It had been an outdoor chair, and was a little disheveled. Two cats later, it looks even more the worse for wear, although it’s still pretty sturdy.

The church where I got the chair was on one of the major roads near my home. I remember it took me forever to get it into my little hatchback.

Months after I bought the chair, I attended a sing-a-long Messiah at the same church.

I appreciate comfy armchairs.


Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – cushions

distressed cotton cushion cover

I have a thing about cushions. I like them filled with down, and I like them covered in natural or white fabrics. I have several that I’ve made covers for, out of recycled or vintage fabrics like old sheets and old linen tablecloths.

This one is made from a sheet so old, it’s falling apart. I took advantage of that feature and sewed it onto another piece of white cotton for stability, then washed the whole thing to distress it.

I appreciate cozy cushions.


Photo theme for March: Comfort