cloak room

cloak room

I have a large walk-in closet in my front room that I use as a cloak room to store my outdoor shoes, boots, and coats. I love the words “cloak room.” They remind me of elementary school, and long, skinny rooms lined with hooks where we hung our coats, and stored our boots. My first elementary school (from grades kindergarten to three) had hangers and benches in the hallways outside each classroom. My second elementary school (for grades five through eight) was an old building, and had real cloak rooms inside each classroom. Right now when I think of them I remember darkness, and the smell of old wood and gym shoes.

(In this photograph, high up on the shelf on the right-hand side, sleeps a cat in a basket of pashminas. Oh yes.)

I appreciate someplace to hang my hat.

comfort – flip flops

purple flip flops

I’ve been wearing flip-flops since the middle of this week. The outdoor temperature has skyrocketed (although in this part of the world, we can still get snow up until the end of April or so, so I’m not putting away my boots yet).

I have over a dozen pairs of flip-flops. They are my go-to summer footwear of choice.

I appreciate comfortable footwear.


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