psychedelic shadow

shadow and sidewalk chalk

This is just a fun photo of my own shadow that I took while out for a walk several days ago. The sidewalk chalk flowers were huge, and I thought my shadow – made super skinny by the setting sun – looked interesting in contrast to them.

This photo also makes me think of my favorite parts of this summer – which otherwise has been a really challenging one, in many ways. I’ve loved walking in my neighbourhood in the early evening, when the air is warm and the sun is low, and my steps are lazy.

I appreciate the beauty in those moments.

sidewalk chalk


I love children’s sidewalk chalk scribbles. I love the colours, the raw energy of the lines and forms, the joyous abandon of the images and messages (like “LOVE” and “Hi!” signed by scrawling first names). When I walk in my neighbourhood at night, I’m always on the look-out for new masterpieces. I especially enjoy meeting the children who’ve marked the sidewalks and driveways around their home. “Beautiful!” I call out, watching them beam.

My favorite are block-long extravaganzas that start in front of one home and stretch on for several metres, as if the artists ran out of space before they ran out of ideas.

I appreciate sidewalk art.

magical day (6/6/12)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012 was a magical day, for these reasons:

  • It had a magical number: 6/6/12. 6+6=12. 12=12.
  • It was my nephew’s birthday. I was there 13 years ago when he emerged from my sister, bloody and beautiful. Life always cycling.
  • I read this blog post by Seth Godin, and bought this new book by one of my favorite authors on the subject of doing creative work.
  • I had part of the afternoon off – flex time due to an early evening event I had to attend for work.
  • I wrote a blog post that felt really good. For a change. (I often struggle with my blog writing.)
  • I went to the work event and had fun taking pictures and playing with sidewalk chalk (see photo above).
  • I read the ebook that I bought earlier in the day. (It was very short.) It was very awesome. It pulled together so many ideas that I’ve been thinking about and writing about lately.