drowning my cares

white bathtub

This is where I go to forget. And feel better. And rest. And restore myself. And feel born again.

Also: Clean.

Out of all the things in my life right now – all the things I love – my tub is my best friend, and the only thing that truly seems to calm me.

What calms you?

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garbage juice

grey plastic bucket

Yesterday when I was bagging up my kitchen garbage to take out, I spilled garbage juice all over my work pants and wool socks. Nasty. I immediately took them off and soaked them in a bucket of water with a few glugs of vinegar added, to help deodorize them. I’ll be laundering them today…

black socks hanging to dry

petting cat

First thing in the morning (after sleeping in a little) I did yoga for the first time in a couple of weeks, and of course the boys had to join me on the kitchen floor. This is pettingcatasana

cat sleeping on lap

Later my little guy curled up for a nap on my lap while I worked at the computer.

vegetable scraps in sink

Vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink.

baby bok choi

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

more kitchen sink photos

vegetable scraps in kitchen sink

It’s been a while since I’ve taken regular photos of my kitchen sink. I used to shoot them every morning while I made my breakfast and bag lunch. I still love looking at vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink, though. They’re so colourful, and textural, and full of endless patterns and rhythms.

I appreciate vegetables.

vegetable scraps in kitchen sink 2

renewal – pulling the plug

brass drain in white porcelain sink

I love the moment when I finish washing my dishes and the sink is empty of water, and clean.

In that moment, I feel truly ready to start all over again at the next meal.

I appreciate pulling the plug.


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Photo theme for April: Renewal