tree (free adult coloring page)


This tree was a whimsical drawing that originally wasn’t going to be an adult coloring page – I was just fooling around, and started drawing roots like hair. When I was done the roots I decided to make it an adult coloring page after all, and filled in the ground with stones, and the sky with windy swirls.

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shady tea

purple maple

Sunday afternoon I left my apartment and was surprised to find one of the other tenants hosting a small get-together under one of the majestic purple maples that shade the front of our building. They had arranged assorted wooden chairs from her apartment in a semi-circle under the tree, and a few small folding tables held tea and cakes. I was enchanted. I must have walked by that spot a million times in the past, never imagining it as an outdoor room.

They enjoyed each other’s company for an hour or so before gradually dispersing… I listened to their gentle conversation as it floated past my windows, and I thought, “What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon…”

I appreciate shade trees. And summer. And friends.