perfect parking

car in parking garage

I park in an underground parking lot at my office. It’s a good day when I can pull through into my spot, so that I’m facing out rather than having to back in. Perfect parking. The perfect parking spot. It’s funny how good that makes me feel.


Another thing that makes me feel good is a made bed. It’s very rare that I don’t make my bed every morning – the sooner the better. After I’m done, the room feels ready. Perfect, just like the parking.

stovetop with pots 1

Above and below are what my stove looks like pretty much every morning. I love to cook fresh meals. It’s an Ayurvedic thing, although I don’t follow Ayurveda much anymore. But I still like to make things from scratch each day. I always put my hard-boiled egg pot in the back right corner, and my kettle in the back left – until it’s boiled. The wooden board is to protect the burner from splashes from my vegetable stew pot. It’s complicated.

stovetop with pots 2

Below is a new kitchen sink shot. The scissors are to cut up snow peas. I also use scissors to cut the ends off green beans. If you were a detective in a mystery novel, you would be able to reconstruct my vegetable stew from this photograph…

kitchen sink with vegetable scraps

This is the desk in my front room this morning. It’s been so dreary lately, it was nice to see the sun.

desk at dawn

Finally, here’s an impulse buy for supper: Panzerotti. I’ve been promising myself that I’ll start a primal diet soon. This is like a last carb hurrah…


Do you ever binge on “forbidden” foods? Do you ever feel like it’s beyond your control? It’s part of why I want to give up a high carb diet – I’m hoping that the cravings will disappear…

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more kitchen sink photos

vegetable scraps in kitchen sink

It’s been a while since I’ve taken regular photos of my kitchen sink. I used to shoot them every morning while I made my breakfast and bag lunch. I still love looking at vegetable scraps in my kitchen sink, though. They’re so colourful, and textural, and full of endless patterns and rhythms.

I appreciate vegetables.

vegetable scraps in kitchen sink 2

planting time

vegetable seed packets

Two weekends ago I helped my parents plant their vegetable garden. It’s very small – about three feet deep by twelve feet long, plus a few containers – but it’s enough to give them carrots, beets and beans to enjoy, plus extras to share (with me!).

vegetable seed packets

When I visited this past Sunday night, it was exciting to see the first seedlings peeking through the earth. Below are some lettuce sprouts…

lettuce sprouts

photography as a practice

washing dishes

I don’t know why most photographers take pictures. I only know that for me, photography is a practice – a repeated activity at first simply done to “get better,” or achieve mastery, and then later for its own sake. When I practiced singing for 13 years, after a certain point I continued practising just because the singing felt good. And the more I did it, the the less I learned about being a “good” singer, and the more I learned about the infinite possibilities of making sound vibrations with my body.

With photography, I’m learning about how the world looks. One of my photography practices is taking photos of my kitchen sink. The world of my kitchen sink is AMAZING and unending. Just saying.

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renewal – seeds

spaghetti squash scraps and seeds

I love taking photographs of my kitchen sink. It’s like a meditation exercise – it focuses my eyes on tiny details I might normally miss. It helps me find beauty in unexpected places.

One of the things I love about photographing food scraps is noticing the amazing natural variations in plant seeds and reproduction. These spaghetti squash seeds (above) glisten with slippery dampness. The apple (below) hides its small, dark seeds chastely, inside a dry star.

I appreciate fruit and vegetable seeds.

apple star


Photo theme for April: Renewal

what i made for supper last night

white bowl of food and cat on table

When I get home from work, the most creative part of my evening begins. Because that’s when I decide what to make for supper.

Last night I did what I always do – started by looking through my fridge. It’s full of all kinds of vegetables. There are more vegetables – ones that don’t need to be kept cold – on the shelves in my kitchen. I think of them like paint colours. Only unlike paint, I can taste and smell and eat them, too. (Besides look at them.)

So last night I looked through my fridge, and then wondered if I wanted to make something with potatoes. I checked my potato bowl, which sits on one of my food shelves (not in the fridge), but I only had two left. I wanted to save them for today, which is a holiday.

I had a spaghetti squash, though. (I also had a butternut squash. Squashy excess, perhaps.)

So here’s what I did.

spaghetti squash scraps

I sautéed one yellow onion, and when it was golden, I added some slices of raw, peeled and cored spaghetti squash. I steamed them with some water in a skillet until the squash was soft, and came apart in strings.

Separately, I steamed some spinach, all by itself. (That was my side dish.)

I also roughly chopped some plum tomatoes, and simmered them in a saucepan with a bit of water and some carrot shavings.

I flavoured the tomato sauce with a pinch of Italian seasoning, a pinch of chipotle pepper, a dash of salt, and a bunch of freshly-ground nutmeg.

white bowl of food

I ladled the tomato sauce over the (salted) spaghetti squash, and that (along with the steamed greens) was dinner. Yum.

white bowl of food

Did I mention today is a holiday? :)

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