the cost of lilies

cat in pet carrier

A friend brought me lilies on Friday night. Little did either of us know that lilies are extremely toxic to cats. Two vet visits (one more to come) and $640 later, the cost of those lilies has been expensive, but I haven’t had to pay the ultimate price – the lives of my cats (I hope). Above is Tear, chilling in his pet carrier at the emergency vet office last night before getting a subcutaneous IV. Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to get these guys in their pet carriers? Hard.

The Tumblr post is here.

sick cat

sick cat 2

My cat Guy was sick on Friday morning. I’m going to be writing more about it later this week on my Kitchen Sink Wisdom blog, but for now I’ll just say that it was potentially life-threatening, in the end not as bad as I feared, and the bright side? An enforced vacation day spent watching over him, making sure he was responding well to the treatment, and out of danger.

I appreciate my beautiful companion animals, and skilled vets.

sick cat 1

Below is Guy’s brother Tear, hanging out Friday afternoon with us on my bed.

sick cat 3