i spilled these blueberries all over the supermarket floor

blueberries in bowl on kitchen counter

I spilled these blueberries yesterday morning all over the supermarket floor while I was grocery shopping. I bought them and brought them home anyhow (I hate waste), and disinfected them by soaking them first in vinegar (straight, not diluted) and then in 3% hydrogen peroxide. This food disinfection technique is supposed to be as good as chlorine bleach.

Shortly after this photo was taken I ate the blueberries, and have suffered no ill effects – so I guess I could say it works. Ish.

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how to wash a floor

Bucket and cleaning rag

I love washing floors. The old-fashioned way – on my hands and knees. Today was a quiet day, and a good day to clean my kitchen.

There’s a method to my madness – a ritual for every task. When I’m washing the kitchen floor I like to remove all the movable things: table, chair, wicker armchair. That way I don’t have to fight with furniture legs, and the stray cat hairs that like to dance around them. The cats enjoy the moving game – everything is new when it’s in a different place.

Furniture in my hallway

I use a Swiffer with a reusable mop head to sweep.

Swiffer mop with re-usable mop head

The floor gets swept many times before it is water-worthy. Two cats shed a lot of hair.

My kitchen floor

Things I love: stainless steel bucket, vinegar and water, reusable rags cut from old towels.

Bucket and cleaning rag

One rag washes; two or four more dry as I go.

Cleaning rag

Kneeling on the floor reminds me of being a child. Or praying. Or settling into child’s pose in yoga, which is a little of both.

My kitchen floor

I also cleaned my glass-fronted cupboards, which hold bowls of fruit and vegetables, and kitchen things.

Blue bowls of fruit and tomatoes
Bowls of mangoes and tomatoes

Maybe the reason I love cleaning so much is the way I feel when I’m done: Calm.

This is a time-machine post. Written and published on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. Photos taken and floor washed on Monday, August 1.

©2011, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow. All rights reserved.