drowning my cares

white bathtub

This is where I go to forget. And feel better. And rest. And restore myself. And feel born again.

Also: Clean.

Out of all the things in my life right now – all the things I love – my tub is my best friend, and the only thing that truly seems to calm me.

What calms you?

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chair fetish

stacking wooden chairs

Okay, so if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you may have guessed that I have a bit of a chair fetish. I’ve already posted photos of this rocking chair in my front room, this wicker armchair in my back room, and these chairs around my desk, yesterday. I love chairs. Like these stacking wooden ones (above), that I bought years ago at a rummage sale. They’re perfect for my apartment because:

  • They’re wooden.
  • They’re vintage.
  • They stack, and so they take up less space when not in use.

I appreciate chairs.

another place where i create

large desk and rocking chairs

Last week I shared some photos of my back room, which I use as a studio for writing, drawing, crafting and sewing. (It also holds my books and my clothes.) As luxurious as it may seem, I actually have four places in my apartment where I can (and do) write – thanks to the portability of my laptop. In this post I’m sharing some photos of my front room, which I set up as a home office when I first moved into my apartment, and where I’m writing this post.

Above you can see what the room looks like from my front door: there’s a large industrial shelving unit that fills the entire wall to the left, a huge desk made from a cedar door placed on three filing cabinets, and several wooden chairs, including two of my collection of rocking chairs, and a vintage stenographer’s chair from the 1940s.

desk with laptop and strawberries

I’m pretty obsessive-compulsive about keeping my work areas spotless and completely clear. (You should see my cubicle at work – a casual observer might not realize that anybody even works there, it’s so bare!) I’m a very visual person, and find it too distracting to have clutter or piles of papers where I’m working. The one exception is when I’m making collages – then I love having an assortment of papers and supplies spread all over the place.

two rocking chairs

Most of all, I love having beautiful views in front of me when I write. I always set up my desk / writing area facing a window, so I can rest my eyes on peaceful vistas. In this case, it’s a huge purple maple that’s growing directly outside my windows.

tree outside window

renewal – pulling the plug

brass drain in white porcelain sink

I love the moment when I finish washing my dishes and the sink is empty of water, and clean.

In that moment, I feel truly ready to start all over again at the next meal.

I appreciate pulling the plug.


See more photos of my kitchen sink here.

Photo theme for April: Renewal