sidewalk chalk


I love children’s sidewalk chalk scribbles. I love the colours, the raw energy of the lines and forms, the joyous abandon of the images and messages (like “LOVE” and “Hi!” signed by scrawling first names). When I walk in my neighbourhood at night, I’m always on the look-out for new masterpieces. I especially enjoy meeting the children who’ve marked the sidewalks and driveways around their home. “Beautiful!” I call out, watching them beam.

My favorite are block-long extravaganzas that start in front of one home and stretch on for several metres, as if the artists ran out of space before they ran out of ideas.

I appreciate sidewalk art.

rag curls

Michelle Lynne Goodfellow, July 2012

I was watching the 2011 British version of Jane Eyre* on Netflix last week, and noticed in one scene that the ladies of the house slept with rags tied in their hair, to curl it. It reminded me of when I was a teenager, and went to bed with homemade rag curlers just like them, to make my hair curly.

I got a sudden hankering to get me some rag curls, although I improvised with some pipe cleaners instead of tearing up some old cotton. I’ve slept with them every night since, and am getting pretty adept at getting the look that I want – a kind of messy, natural-looking, beachy hair. I’m alwo really grateful that my latest haircut suits curly hair really well. Above is a pic with the curls freshly released. Below is me ready for work Friday morning.

(I really should put together some sort of tutorial for this. Someday.)

Michelle Lynne Goodfellow, July 2012

*I highly recommend the film, by the way. I had started to watch the 1943 version with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles, but just couldn’t get into it. The 2011 version is visually gorgeous and the performances are very compelling.