citrus fruit

citrus 1

These are some details taken from an in-progress art journal spread that I’m working on. It started as a fragment of a tear sheet from a magazine, with a photo of some sliced limes. I love citrus fruit, although I don’t eat much of the sweet stuff anymore. But I still buy limes and lemons to squeeze over my summer salads, or slice into my cold water on hot days.

citrus 2

citrus 3


map 1

I recently started a map pinboard on Pinterest. I was so excited and full of ideas about what I could put there, including some of my own art journal work, which sometimes includes collaged vintage maps. These are some Instagram photos of details from five different art journal spreads.

(And yes, I’m going to pin these photos to my board!)

map 2

map 3

map 4

map 5

living my life for other people

Incomplete Conversations, 2012

I care too much what other people think of me.

I think I know (at least some of) the roots of it, and I believe I can (mostly) avoid falling into (some of) its traps… but I know they’re still there.

I notice it most when I start feeling bad. And after tracing that feeling back to its roots, I realize I’ve been living (sometimes for a long time) in fear of [fill in the blank: disappointing, irritating or angering] someone.

Or causing someone to outright reject me.

detail, Incomplete Conversations, 2012

Have I mentioned this is not a fun feeling?

(This is not a fun feeling.)

detail, Incomplete Conversations, 2012

I’ve silenced myself in front of family, friends, lovers, teachers, coworkers, bosses, clients, acquaintances, and total strangers.

I’ve pretended to agree with the things they believed, in order to be accepted.

detail, Incomplete Conversations, 2012

I’ve told them things (true things, always, but not always necessary things) that I thought would impress them. In order to, well, impress them.

I’ve held my breath for daysweeksmonthsyears, terrified of being found out.

detail, Incomplete Conversations, 2012

Have I mentioned this is not a fun feeling?

(This is not a fun feeling.)

(Nor is it sustainable.)

(Nor does it nourish my life.)

(So stop it, okay Michelle? Just stop it. Srsly.)

detail, Incomplete Conversations, 2012

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All of the images in this post are from the work Incomplete Conversations (wax crayon and collage on paper, 2012).

crayon rubbings

red crayon rubbing

I was standing in my kitchen last night brushing my teeth when I noticed that the bottom of a discarded baby spinach container – you know, those huge ones full of pre-washed salad greens – had a textured bottom. Hmm, I thought. I could rub that. With crayons, and a piece of paper.

Out of the recycling bin it came, along with a plastic mushroom tray that also had some neat textures on it. I cut the bottom of the spinach container away from the sides, and tried to peel off a label adhered to the bottom. When it wouldn’t totally come, I covered it with packing tape, so at least the paper I was trying to rub wouldn’t stick to it.

Above and below are the first rubbings I made, on scraps of paper I keep for collage projects. The red one is a positive rubbing, while the blue-green one is a negative rubbing (i.e. I flipped over the piece of plastic). So much fun…

blue crayon rubbing