scanning coloring page


This is a doodle I started in one of my sketchbooks yesterday morning, that quickly turned into something that I liked. I ended up scanning it and printing it out to colour it.


I was really happy with the way the black-eyed Susans turned out.



Would you like more free, hand-drawn adult coloring pages like this? You can find an index of my adult coloring pagesĀ here. Read about how I came to draw adult coloring pages, here.


wildflowers 1

I took these photos on the weekend while walking in one of my favorite woods. Some of the photos are taken with Camera+, one with qbro, some with Instagram, and some with Hipstamatic.

wildflowers 2

wildflowers 3

wildflowers 4

wildflowers 5

wildflowers 6

psychedelic shadow

shadow and sidewalk chalk

This is just a fun photo of my own shadow that I took while out for a walk several days ago. The sidewalk chalk flowers were huge, and I thought my shadow – made super skinny by the setting sun – looked interesting in contrast to them.

This photo also makes me think of my favorite parts of this summer – which otherwise has been a really challenging one, in many ways. I’ve loved walking in my neighbourhood in the early evening, when the air is warm and the sun is low, and my steps are lazy.

I appreciate the beauty in those moments.

unter den linden

linden blossoms

One of my favorite, favorite smells of all time is the delicate scent of linden blossoms. Yesterday when I was taking my daily lunchtime walk I noticed it – the lindens were finally out! This is a photo I took of the linden tree I was passing at the time. I remember reading once that in Germany, the scent of linden blossoms is considered an aphrodisiac, and that many babies are conceived during the month of June when the lindens are in bloom. I appreciate delicious, natural perfumes…

Unter den Linden is the name of a boulevard in Berlin, and a popular name for a German poem often set to music.

dance recital

applying make-up

Last week I participated in an annual ritual: Attending my niece’s dance recital. It’s been so heartwarming to see her grow and develop as a dancer over the years – from a baby ballerina at four years old to the stunning young dancer that she is today. I love the behind-the-scenes rituals, too – the hair and make-up, the costumes, the travelling, the waiting, the flowers after the show…

I appreciate beauty, skill, and natural talent.

young ballet dancer

young dancer

young dancer with flowers


dandelion 1

I took these photos a couple of weekends ago when I was walking in the woods. I don’t know why, but I love photographing dandelions. I also got some shots of some unknown (to me) wildflowers. The lilies of the valley at the end aren’t actually wild – I shot those in the back lane behind my home. All of them were taken with my Olympus camera, which I haven’t used in forever.

dandelion 2

dandelion 3

little white wildflower

yellow wildflower

wild strawberry


lily of the valley 1

lily of the valley 2

lily of the valley 3

lily of the valley 4