renewal – tulips

yellow tulips

I’ve taken several photos of tulips in the last couple of months, including this one and this one.

I like the photo above because these tulips are living outdoors, just outside my home. A squirrel planted them there in the fall, and they randomly sprouted this spring.

I appreciate tulips.


Photo theme for April: Renewal

renewal – vinca minor

vinca minor

When I was a little girl, we had patches of vinca minor (the ground cover with purple flowers, above) in our yard. I didn’t know what it was really called, so I called it violets, since the flowers were purple, and I didn’t know what violets looked like.

Later I heard people calling it “myrtle,” which is one of its common names. I finally discovered that it was called vinca minor a few years ago when a landscape design student helped create a new garden at one of the properties managed by the public housing provider I work for.

I appreciate vinca minor – one of the first signs of spring, for me.


Photo theme for April: Renewal

renewal – tree flowers

maple tree blossoms

In an earlier post I wrote about how much I love the misty yellow-green that begins to surround tree limbs in the spring.

One thing I never noticed until I was an adult was that the first new green is often not leaves – it’s flowers. Maples and other trees that drop seeds or fruit blossom first before their leaves come out.

I appreciate tree flowers.


Photo theme for April: Renewal

renewal – dandelions


Dandelions are one of the first signs of spring, where I live. I used to pick them when I was little, and give the bouquets to my mother. I also braided crowns out of dandelions.

(Last night when I was walking in my neighbourhood, I thought about the book of short stories called Dandelion Wine. I read it when I was in my early 20s. I remember really liking it…)

I appreciate spring weeds.


Photo theme for April: Renewal

comfort – warmth (bonus photo)

red tulips

Even though March has come to an end, I couldn’t resist adding an extra photo to this month’s comfort theme. This is a photograph of some red tulips that my flower-loving colleague brought in to work this month. (She also brought these and these.)

This was one of my favorite photos of the month, because of the gorgeous warm colours. (I shot the tulips from above, against the background of discarded cork board.) March was a warm month for me, overall.

I appreciate warm colours.


Listen to my story that uses this photo as an illustration.

Photo theme for March: Comfort