daeyang gallery and house

Daeyang Gallery and House

I came across these two videos after reading about this Korean gallery and house designed by architect Steven Holl in the May issue of Dwell magazine.

I love architecture and design, and I love how these buildings incorporate light, water, space and angles into living and performance spaces that feel uplifting. In the first video, Holl talks about the spaces and the ideas he was trying to communicate with these buildings; the second video is a beautiful visual tour through some of the spaces.

My favorite bits are the skylights covered with water, that cast flickering pools of light on the rooms below, and the flat plane of water that is such an integral part of the entire design. (Plus I also love all the wood and stone and glass!) I wish I could live in this space…


grocery store parking lot early morning winter

If I were in the habit of swearing on my blogs, I would swear. It’s gotten seriously cold. Yesterday morning I was so stressed, I drove to the local 24-hour Metro (grocery store) to buy some chocolate. This was what I saw as I walked back to my car. (That’s not my car, by the way. It’s the only other car that was parked by the grocery store.)

Something about the light – the pre-dawn gloom, combined with the glow from the parking lot lights – felt very tundra-like. Like noon in the Arctic, in the dead of winter. Or something.

(I like the way Camera+‘s HDR filter worked on this shot.)


Above is the thermometer in my back room, after three hours of space heating by my blessed oil-filled radiant heater. My iPhone told me it was minus 17 Celsius out. Normally the temperature in this room can get to plus 26 with the space heater. Brr.

My #photo365 project on Tumblr.

a country drive

winter landscape

One of my favorite bloggers is doing a #photo365 project this year, and it’s inspired me to do a #photo365 project myself. I’m going to be taking at least one photo each day for a year, and sharing them on the Internet. I started yesterday, January 1, and the above photo was my chosen shot from day 1. I’ll keep track of each day’s photo here on my Tumblr blog. On this emelgy.com blog, I’ll be sharing background info about the photos, and any other shots from the same day.

winter landscape

Yesterday I took a short drive with a friend. We didn’t go far, but the trip took us slightly out of the city as we travelled from one suburb to another, and we happened to pass through some wintry country landscapes in the process.

winter landscape

These shots were taken with my new Hipstamatic Tintype SnapPak, and then processed with Camera+ to heighten the contrast. I love the 19th century feel of this Hipsta pack…

winter landscape

I’ve added all of these photos to this Google+ album of winter landscapes. More to come, since I also went for a walk in the woods yesterday…

winter landscape

winter landscape

winter landscape

See this post on Tumblr.


wildflowers 1

I took these photos on the weekend while walking in one of my favorite woods. Some of the photos are taken with Camera+, one with qbro, some with Instagram, and some with Hipstamatic.

wildflowers 2

wildflowers 3

wildflowers 4

wildflowers 5

wildflowers 6

shady tea

purple maple

Sunday afternoon I left my apartment and was surprised to find one of the other tenants hosting a small get-together under one of the majestic purple maples that shade the front of our building. They had arranged assorted wooden chairs from her apartment in a semi-circle under the tree, and a few small folding tables held tea and cakes. I was enchanted. I must have walked by that spot a million times in the past, never imagining it as an outdoor room.

They enjoyed each other’s company for an hour or so before gradually dispersing… I listened to their gentle conversation as it floated past my windows, and I thought, “What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon…”

I appreciate shade trees. And summer. And friends.


hose 1

The local papers have been full of stories lately about how desperately the city’s trees need to be watered. We’ve had a hot, dry and stressful summer for trees, and homeowners can help young or vulnerable trees survive by watering them regularly.

As much as I love trees, and as important as I think tress are for our landscape (after all, the area where I live was once covered in deciduous forest before the European settlers came), it pains me to think of a landscape that can no longer take care of itself. Knowing nothing about xeroscaping, I am nevertheless intrigued by vegetation that can fend for itself, no matter what the local conditions.

Regardless, I am watering some trees lately, for a friend who is away. Like many similar activities – housekeeping, cooking, child- and pet-minding – I love the quality of care-giving that’s required. It feels good to contribute to something other than me.

And I appreciate water.

hose 2

a perfect summer evening

Tecumseh Avenue 1

You know those summer nights when the temperature is perfect – not too hot, not too cool – and there’s no humidity, and there’s a little bit of a breeze that makes your skirt billow around your legs, and the light is golden, and everything seems to be smiling? We had one of those, Tuesday night. I took these photos.

I appreciate perfect summer evenings…

Tecumseh Avenue 2


boardwalk in woods

I actually took this photo not one, but two weekends ago, when I was walking in one of my favorite nearby woods. This path was flooded for most of the spring, and the day I took this photo was the first time I’d walked this way since last fall. (That’s the swampy edge of a pond on either side of the boardwalk.)

Have I mentioned I love these woods, and this path?

walk in the woods

path in woods

Whenever I can, I like to go walking in the woods. These are some photos that I took a few weekends ago, that I hadn’t gotten around to posting before now. The spring path was very muddy. Good thing I had a new pair of rubber boots (below).

muddy path

This area near Walkers Pond is very swampy. I love the green of the water and the trees.




There’s also a boardwalk leading to a viewing platform directly over the pond. I appreciate views like this.

boardwalk viewing station

Walker's Pond