comfort – warmth (bonus photo)

red tulips

Even though March has come to an end, I couldn’t resist adding an extra photo to this month’s comfort theme. This is a photograph of some red tulips that my flower-loving colleague brought in to work this month. (She also brought these and these.)

This was one of my favorite photos of the month, because of the gorgeous warm colours. (I shot the tulips from above, against the background of discarded cork board.) March was a warm month for me, overall.

I appreciate warm colours.


Listen to my story that uses this photo as an illustration.

Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – homemade soup for lunch

bowl of soup on table

This is what I ate for lunch last Saturday: Homemade soup with potatoes, yellow pepper, celery, mushrooms and carrots.

(While it cooked, I was working on a design for a patchwork cushion cover.

I appreciate homemade soup.


Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – worn furniture

frayed green upholstery

This is another one of my favorite chairs. It lived in my family’s home throughout my childhood. It’s in my back room right now. It desperately needs re-upholstering or slipcovering, but right now I love its shabby chic appeal. Plus it’s one of my most comfortable chairs – I don’t want it to be out of commission!

I appreciate comfortable chairs.


Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – temperature control

white fan on hardwood floor

Last week it was unseasonably hot in my area of the world. I ended up breaking out my summer fans months earlier than normal. This is a photo of one of my cats playing with the plastic bags that I cover the fans with when they’re in storage.

I appreciate temperature control.

(And yes, immediately after I took this photograph, I removed cat from bag and bag from room.)


Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – reading in bed

book on bed

I first learned the joys of reading in bed the summer I was 10, when I visited my grandmother all by myself, and really got the reading bug for the first time. I think I went through all the Little House books (and more!) in two weeks.

I appreciate reading in bed.


The book in this photograph is Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time, by Rick Hanson.

Photo theme for March: Comfort

comfort – cupcakes

unfinished cupcake

Last Friday, my sister and her family came down to London to celebrate my niece’s birthday with our London family. My sister brought cupcakes for dessert instead of cake. Even though I don’t eat cupcakes – or any baked goods, for that matter – I love the thought of them.

I appreciate cupcakes.


Photo theme for March: Comfort