Welcome! My name is Michelle Lynne Goodfellow. I’m a writer, illustrator, maker, blogger, and budding ukulele player who works by day in a fabric store. I like to make and do stuff, and show others how.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, you might want to browse through some of my other online projects, below.

What is “emelgy”?

Emelgy is a phonetic spelling of my initials, MLG. It’s been my private nickname for myself for years – I sign all my artwork and emails “MLG.” I’ve been using it as an online identity since 2006 (I think).

I started my first blog in the fall of 2006. It was the most thrilling, mind-bending, fulfilling thing I’d ever done. Because up until that point, I was a someday writer without a medium. And after that point, I finally felt like a real writer.

Below are some other places to find  me online.

My Instagram

I’m @emelgy on Instagram. I post pictures of clothes I make, and photographs I take. Sometimes videos.

My personal YouTube

Mostly timelapse drawings, but also some recipe fails.

Fit is a Feminist Issue

I’m a guest blogger on my friend Samantha’s blog, which is about feminist approaches to fitness, body image, and wellness. I’ve written about why I love the martial art of aikido so much, how martial arts helped me after my breast cancer diagnosis, why I was happy to have a double mastectomy without reconstruction, and how aikido helped me with stress, as well as many other topics.

My Cowbird stories

Cowbird.com is an amazing website created by Jonathan Harris. I was invited to join the Cowbird community in late 2011, and published tiny short “story bits” (they’re not really proper stories, more like pieces of stories).

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