how it all started

I used to have some blogs. I didn’t write in them for a long time. Now I have something different to say.

photograph of a desk in a sewing studio

I was doing an online challenge at the beginning of 2020. It doesn’t really matter what the challenge was; what matters is that the course of my life changed.

I posted the above photo to a Facebook Group, and it got a million (okay, around 70) likes, and many comments.

That’s when I realized that people were fascinated by my sewing studio. So I decided to make my clothes rack a feature, and rearrange everything else around it.

This is a photo of my rearranged studio. I loved it. The online people loved it. And then I had to re-do everything else that I’d created online.

See, I started blogging in the fall of 2006, and over the years I had blogs about:

  • professional organizing
  • eco-friendly cleaning
  • writing
  • my personal life
  • my visual art
  • shabby chic interior decoration
  • a professional choir
  • an amateur choir
  • my creative life
  • creativity prompts
  • musings about home and health
  • my communications consulting business

I’m probably forgetting some of them.

I loved writing blogs, but sometimes life got in the way. Like, full-time-jobs-in-the-way. For a lot of years. I kind of stopped blogging regularly in 2012. (It’s 2019 as I write this.)

I’ve had this idea, recently, that I wanted to write a blog about sewing. This is that blog. Buckle up.

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