why i use wordpress for blogging

a screen shot of a MacBook computer screen, with the WordPress blogging dashboard open

When I first started blogging, I used the Blogger blogging platform (which has since been acquired by Google). It was easy to use, and it was fine. I had several blogs there.

When I moved to having my own, hosted sites, I switched to WordPress, for a number of reasons. It had a more robust dashboard with more tools. I liked that it was an open source software. There were more templates to choose from (I didn’t want to code my own sites). It was also pretty easy to use.

I still prefer WordPress, because I like the larger company (Autommatic). I’ve switched to having this site hosted by WordPress, because I kind of messed up the root structure of my previous sites. I also was ticked off at my previous host, because they were trying to pressure me into upgrading to a more expensive hosting package.

Some challenging things about WordPress: there’s a bit of a steep learning curve, if you’ve never blogged or used HTML before. Even with all my experience, I’m finding “blocks” a challenge to get used to (although I think I’ve got it now, after about half an hour of using a new template that I’d never used before).

I also like that WordPress will integrate G Suite (at a cost), so that I can continue to have my emelgy.com email address (something I found frustrating to set up with my old host).

I may add more things I like about WordPress as I think about them…

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